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iPhone 4 Metal Case To Solve Reception Issue

The new sexy aluminum Vapor case from Element is not only stylish, it’s functional.  Functional in that you don’t have your skin conducting interference with your phone’s reception.  They are getting hit with high orders right now, so they only … Continue reading

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iPhone 4 Reception Solved!

So you say you have problem with the new Apple iPhone 4 reception huh?  Problem solved!  LOL. petermorgan.uk on flickr.com

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Hold Different – Apple Admits Issue With iPhone 4

This is just horrible how Apple is handling the iPhone 4 reception issue.  I’m sure all the anti-Apple fanbois is just loving it.  With Steve Jobs telling intelligent people “You’re holding the phone wrong”  Seriously?  I didn’t know we had … Continue reading

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iPhone 4 vs EVO From HTC – Youtube Funnies

It’s so funny because it’s true.  What could be better than to have cute little animals speak in a tele-prompt voice.  Check it out. *Update 07/08/10* Check out the next video where a EVO user goes to the Apple Store … Continue reading

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iPhone 4 Video, Frustrations on Release Day

macworld’s youtube video During lunchtime today, I walked by the local Apple Store.  Ridiculous!  I remember some people that camped out the day before just to be the first to grab the new iPhone 4.  Yeah, I know some campers … Continue reading

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