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Team Fortress 2 – Heavy And Medic Dance

Since I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 pretty often lately, I thought I would post this little dance between the two couples.  Jump into a TF2 game and you’ll commonly see the Medic following Heavy around the game constantly keeping … Continue reading

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Kirin Beer And Team Fortress 2

What does the Japanese beer Kirin have in common with the video game Team Fortress 2? Nothing. There was a sale for Kirin 24 pack of beer for $14.  Just like when I did the Inexpensive Beer Week Review a … Continue reading

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If The Playstation 3 Had a Kid With The Xbox 360

If the PS3 had a kid with the Xbox 360, their child would be a controller.  The controller will have the 360’s pad layout with the functionality of the Playstation 3. Many people that use either controllers tend to like … Continue reading

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The Snow White Playstation 3

I love my Playstation 3.  It’s a great home entertainment system where I watch my Blu-Ray movies and play my video games.  I have the original launch PS3 that plays PS2 games, and then I got another PS3 when they … Continue reading

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Red Dead Redemption $25 Video Game Deal Alert

You have just 1 hour to get this game from starting 9 AM PST/12 PM EST for $25.  That’s right just 1 hour!  It’s most likely going to go much faster than that and sell out quickly.  So if … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 For $99 Deal Alert

If you don’t have an Xbox 360 yet and want to get one for extremely cheap, you need to go to Target.  Now!  Their sale runs this week, which is the usual Sunday through Saturday period. I’ve never seen the … Continue reading

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Morgan Webb The Videogame Goddess

When I first saw Morgan Webb, it was during a TechTV show and I think it was Leo Laporte’s show Call For Help.  People would call in and ask for help with their computer or ask their “how do I…?” … Continue reading

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