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Timelapse Video Of Meteor Shower

Sorry guys.  The pics are not clickable and I can’t embed Vimeo videos on here as the code get automatically cleaned up by the blog posting.  I remember seeing the Leonids in November many years back in the desert at … Continue reading

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Cutesy J-Pop Girl Band – Morning Musume

click for full size image It’s For Dad Female(s) of the Day: Morning Musume Umm…well, I know I’ve been out on vacation for a while and I know some of you just check in daily for my FotD selection, but … Continue reading

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Team Fortress 2 – Heavy And Medic Dance

Since I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 pretty often lately, I thought I would post this little dance between the two couples.  Jump into a TF2 game and you’ll commonly see the Medic following Heavy around the game constantly keeping … Continue reading

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Give Her Your Old Underwear Briefs For A Sports Bra

You know times are tough now with the economy and unemployment is around the 10% mark.  Money is a little tight, so you got to get creative sometimes.  Your wife/girlfriend/sister wants to keep working out and stay in shape.  Recycled … Continue reading

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Singer Pink Falling Off Stage

Pink or P!nk, or however it’s spelled, had an equipment failure and from what I can tell, her stupid stage dancers that was suppose to strap the harness on correctly simply didn’t do it right and launched her into the … Continue reading

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New Droid X Commercial Teaser

Yeah, I know it’s a day late, but it’s still a cool commercial.  Whoever Verizon hired to do the marketing and advertising for the Droid phones deserves awards left and right.  It’s a little abstract and obscure, but it’s just … Continue reading

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Bina48 The Blond Bimbo Bot

Ever have a conversation with a bubbly girl and everything you say just seems to fly over her head?  You can say something along the generic weather we are having today, and she’ ll reply with a blank look then … Continue reading

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