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Jim Lee – Comic Book Genius

Continuing with today’s Korean theme, I remember meeting Jim Lee when he barely started drawing comics at a guest appearance for one of the local comic shops.  Nobody knew him yet, and he barely starting to do some guest penciling … Continue reading

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Singer Pink Falling Off Stage

Pink or P!nk, or however it’s spelled, had an equipment failure and from what I can tell, her stupid stage dancers that was suppose to strap the harness on correctly simply didn’t do it right and launched her into the … Continue reading

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Julia Perez Better Known As Jupe

I don’t know much about Julia Perez other than my friend Sina mentioned her as a recommendation for my Female of the Day post.  Hi Sina!  Sina is from Indonesia and guess where Julia Perez is from?  Indonesia of course! … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 For $99 Deal Alert

If you don’t have an Xbox 360 yet and want to get one for extremely cheap, you need to go to Target.  Now!  Their sale runs this week, which is the usual Sunday through Saturday period. I’ve never seen the … Continue reading

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How To Play Battle Of The Cheetos Online

Last week I previously posted about Chester Cheetah’s new online battle between the Puffy Cheetos and the Crunchy Cheetos.  I couldn’t continue past a certain point when I tried to play, either my Flash plug-in was having problems, or … Continue reading

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Fanboys The Movie – Star Wars Comedy

I hate stupid comedy, but all my friends love stupid comedy.  The stupid comedy that I’m referring to mostly are like Jack Black films, or stand up comedy by Sam Kinison,  and most of Adam Sandler movies.  Like Sam Kinison, … Continue reading

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Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie – Why A Man Should Watch

Yes, that’s right, I’m posting about the teeny bopper movie about vampires, werewolves and an unattractive smelly girl that they all fight over.  Did I lose my mind today?  No. I watched the two previous movies with my wife and … Continue reading

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