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Give Her Your Old Underwear Briefs For A Sports Bra

You know times are tough now with the economy and unemployment is around the 10% mark.  Money is a little tight, so you got to get creative sometimes.  Your wife/girlfriend/sister wants to keep working out and stay in shape.  Recycled … Continue reading

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Inexpensive Beer Week In Review

What a week in drinking beers that were all under $4 for a six pack.  Most beers now are effectively $1.25-$1.50 each, as the average price for a sixer is about $7-$9 at your average grocery store.  Factor in the … Continue reading

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Are Oysters Aphrodisiacs?

Oh yeah baby, succulent sweet and slimy raw oysters.  Some people use a technique to guide it with their tongues and get under the meat and let it slide into their mouths.  Others just flip it into their mouths and … Continue reading

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How To Play Battle Of The Cheetos Online

Last week I previously posted about Chester Cheetah’s new online battle between the Puffy Cheetos and the Crunchy Cheetos.  I couldn’t continue past a certain point when I tried to play, either my Flash plug-in was having problems, or … Continue reading

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Best BBQ Sauce That’s Mass Produced

Since most people will be enjoying a barbecue weekend on this beautiful summer day and then enjoying the fireworks in the evening on this 4th of July day, most people are going to use BBQ sauce today.  I’ve tried many … Continue reading

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Smelly Shoes – How To Get Rid Of Odors

If your feet tend to sweat often, your shoes are probably pretty stinky after just a few weeks or months of use.  It’s the perfect environment for bacteria to grow in with the moist, humid and dark environment that is … Continue reading

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Using 15 Minutes To Make Life Easier And Organized

I hate waiting around and doing nothing.  So when I have to be somewhere at 8:00, I’m there at 8:00.  Yeah, I’m one of those types of people.  I do something when I have to do something, instead of taking … Continue reading

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