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LeBron James Did The Right Thing For Himself

image from I didn’t get home to watch the hour long LeBron James announcement on ESPN the other day, not that I would sit there intently to watch it either, because honestly, I’m not a big fan of his.  … Continue reading

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Tour de France 2010 Fight! Barredo vs. Costa

I no longer follow the Tour de France as much as I use to.  It’s due to me not riding my road bike as often as I would like to.  I remember when I would leave at the crack of … Continue reading

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Why Americans Call The Game Soccer

I always wondered why we call the this game soccer and not football.  Everyone in the world calls it football.  It seems like we had it backwards, because the game we Americans call football don’t really use their feet for … Continue reading

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Lakers 2010 Championship Gold Basketball Can Be Yours

Lakers!  Lakers!  Lakers!  Woooo!!!!  2010 NBA Champs!!!!  Lakers #1 Baby!!!  Wooo!!! So after you finish celebrating, what’s a die hard Lakers fan to do to keep the memories of an awesome fight to game 7 alive?  Get a gold basketball … Continue reading

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Derek Poundstone – Stronger Than You And Me

When your last name is Poundstone, you’re probably going to be one bad ass mofo!  I was flipping the channels and saw an old episode of World’s Strongest Man competition.  I usually just keep flipping because, unlike how I was … Continue reading

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Inmates Play Their Own World Cup in Bangkok, Thailand

I didn’t realized the jails in Thailand had so many people from other countries.  Apparently they go to the Red Light District and cause trouble only to get arrested and thrown in jail.  I’m speculating of course, but it does … Continue reading

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Giant Vuvuzela Sound Test For The World Cup Soccer Match

Here’s the video and sound test for this giant vuvuzela.  Aural irritation in 3…2…1….

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