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Timelapse Video Of Meteor Shower

Sorry guys.  The pics are not clickable and I can’t embed Vimeo videos on here as the code get automatically cleaned up by the blog posting.  I remember seeing the Leonids in November many years back in the desert at … Continue reading

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Different Meat Week – Rabbit Meat

image scaredy kat “Wascally Wabbit!” The infamous words of Elmer Fudd who wanted to eat Bugs Bunny so badly, he did anything and everything he could possibly do.  I still remember the one episode that Bugs Bunny felt so bad … Continue reading

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CoolDaddy Electric Deep Fryer For Dad

Frying foods is one of the easiest ways to make tasty (and unhealthy) foods.  I love french fries but I have cut down quite a bit to where I may eat it once or twice a month.  I use to … Continue reading

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Inexpensive Beer Week – Red Oval Beer

This week, I’m going to cover beers I picked up that hopefully is decent and drinkable.  After every bottle and can I drink of my favorite beers, I look at it and think there goes a dollar.  It’s one thing … Continue reading

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Damn It’s Hot Outside !!!

Summer is here and it’s HOT!  But it’s Summer and you should be outside enjoying the weather, not sitting in the house.  But it’s HOT!  Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your porch or patio.  Cool the surrounding air … Continue reading

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