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Google Chrome OS Tablet Launching On November 26

I might just ask for this for Christmas. The only thing I’m going to not like is having to pay for a contract plan, but if the final cost of the contract equals what I would pay for a tablet, … Continue reading

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Some Possible Changes To The Format

I was thinking of maybe revamping the blog.  I originally started this blog around Father’s Day this year, and was wanting to use it for gift ideas.  Now, I’m thinking of concentrating on certain subjects a little bit more. I … Continue reading

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Singer Pink Falling Off Stage

Pink or P!nk, or however it’s spelled, had an equipment failure and from what I can tell, her stupid stage dancers that was suppose to strap the harness on correctly simply didn’t do it right and launched her into the … Continue reading

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iPhone 4 Band-Aid Fix

So this is their solution to the iPhone 4 reception problem?  Everyone gets free iPhone bumbers or cases?  I was never a fan of cases and see my phone as a disposable item, albeit an expensive disposable phone device, so … Continue reading

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New Droid X Commercial Teaser

Yeah, I know it’s a day late, but it’s still a cool commercial.  Whoever Verizon hired to do the marketing and advertising for the Droid phones deserves awards left and right.  It’s a little abstract and obscure, but it’s just … Continue reading

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Verizon Droid X Available Today!

Finally this bad boy Android Phone is being released today. With all the problems the iPhone 4 is getting, I’m sure people will want to jump all over this. My friend Juwan is going to be there at the stores … Continue reading

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LeBron James Did The Right Thing For Himself

image from I didn’t get home to watch the hour long LeBron James announcement on ESPN the other day, not that I would sit there intently to watch it either, because honestly, I’m not a big fan of his.  … Continue reading

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