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College Freshmen And The Generational Gap

Beloit College takes a survey of their incoming freshmen and then compiles a list to give to the professors so they can basically relate to what and why these kids are like that. I can’t believe the first on the … Continue reading

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Bad Humor: Baby Hits The Bong

Yes, I know it’s wrong and it’s probably not funny to some people.  It’s some ding dong parent who was probably too stoned out of their mind to notice their kid come along and emulate them.  Then one of them … Continue reading

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Team Fortress 2 – Heavy And Medic Dance

Since I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 pretty often lately, I thought I would post this little dance between the two couples.  Jump into a TF2 game and you’ll commonly see the Medic following Heavy around the game constantly keeping … Continue reading

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Give Her Your Old Underwear Briefs For A Sports Bra

You know times are tough now with the economy and unemployment is around the 10% mark.  Money is a little tight, so you got to get creative sometimes.  Your wife/girlfriend/sister wants to keep working out and stay in shape.  Recycled … Continue reading

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Singer Pink Falling Off Stage

Pink or P!nk, or however it’s spelled, had an equipment failure and from what I can tell, her stupid stage dancers that was suppose to strap the harness on correctly simply didn’t do it right and launched her into the … Continue reading

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HTC EVO vs iPhone 4 Humor

As a followup to the iPhone 4 vs HTC EVO video posted last week, here is where a HTC EVO user goes to the Apple Store to get his phone fixed.  I don’t think it’s as funny as the previous … Continue reading

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iPhone 4 Reception Solved!

So you say you have problem with the new Apple iPhone 4 reception huh?  Problem solved!  LOL. on

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