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Who Moved My Cheese?

My friend Cora gave me this book and said to give it a read.  I should be able to read it fairly quickly in less than an hour.  Now I’m not sure why she wanted to give me this book.  … Continue reading

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Different Meat Week – Ostrich Meat

image footosvanrobin I thought the title states “ostrich meat”, why is there a picture of a beef steak? Ah-hah!  So you think it’s beef steak, but that is actually ostrich meat! But isn’t ostrich a bird, just a really big … Continue reading

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Different Meat Week – Bison Buffalo Steaks

image from sifu renka Last week’s Inexpensive Beer Week was successful in attracting people on finding out a good inexpensive beer to drink.  It was fun to do and quite informative.  I only wish I could try more and have … Continue reading

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Masterbate To Reduce Your Chances Of Prostate Cancer

Naw, really?  Do you need to tell us to “do it?”  Well, not only does it make you feel relieved, it also comes with it’s health benefits.  One of those benefits is reducing your chances of prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer … Continue reading

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Are Oysters Aphrodisiacs?

Oh yeah baby, succulent sweet and slimy raw oysters.  Some people use a technique to guide it with their tongues and get under the meat and let it slide into their mouths.  Others just flip it into their mouths and … Continue reading

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Smelly Shoes – How To Get Rid Of Odors

If your feet tend to sweat often, your shoes are probably pretty stinky after just a few weeks or months of use.  It’s the perfect environment for bacteria to grow in with the moist, humid and dark environment that is … Continue reading

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His Nose Hairs Are Waving At Me

So we’re standing there in front of a taco truck, aka roach coach, or whatever you want to call those mobile food trucks.  Me and my buddy John, talking about the Dodgers and Yankees game the other night, and how … Continue reading

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