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Who Moved My Cheese?

My friend Cora gave me this book and said to give it a read.  I should be able to read it fairly quickly in less than an hour.  Now I’m not sure why she wanted to give me this book.  … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Has Caught My Eye

I don’t really pay much attention to Lady Gaga.  I hear her name mentioned all the time in the news and she seems to always be used when the entertainment news have nothing to report about.  If you asked me … Continue reading

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Got a Nook? Nookie Nookie…

Barnes and Noble just dropped the price of their eBook reader.  The standard Wi-Fi model is just $149, while the Wi-Fi + 3G model is just $199.  It’s a drop of $60 from their previous price. To also compliment this … Continue reading

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Books – The Windup Girl

So Dad doesn’t have an iPad or some e-book reader yet? No problem, sometimes it just feels way better to sit and enjoy the feeling of a books in paper form. Something about it that you don’t get with an … Continue reading

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