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Priscilla Barnes aka Nurse Terri Alden

It’s For Dad Female of the Day: Priscilla Barnes Do you remember that old sitcom Three’s Company with Jack Tripper and his two female roommates.  One was a brunette and the cute blond one that came late into the series’ … Continue reading

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Android Vinyl Mini-Figs

If you didn’t know by now, there’s vinyl mini-figs of the Android.  Good luck trying to find series 1 as they are mostly sold out now.  But from what I understand series 2 is in the works and will be … Continue reading

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Deal Alert: Samsung Vibrant Smartphone $0.01

T-Mobile’s newest Android phone available for only a penny on Amazon.  If you’ve been waiting to get a new Android phone, here’s a great deal. Samsung Vibrant Smartphone From Product Description Ideal for those looking to combine mobile … Continue reading

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Kids Don’t Play Outside Anymore

image Monroe’s Dragonfly My previous post about kids not being able to write in cursive, got me to notice another change in our culture: Kids don’t play outside anymore.  It’s a quiet Summer.  I remember when I was a kid, … Continue reading

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College Freshmen And The Generational Gap

Beloit College takes a survey of their incoming freshmen and then compiles a list to give to the professors so they can basically relate to what and why these kids are like that. I can’t believe the first on the … Continue reading

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Bad Humor: Baby Hits The Bong

Yes, I know it’s wrong and it’s probably not funny to some people.  It’s some ding dong parent who was probably too stoned out of their mind to notice their kid come along and emulate them.  Then one of them … Continue reading

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Google Chrome OS Tablet Launching On November 26

I might just ask for this for Christmas. The only thing I’m going to not like is having to pay for a contract plan, but if the final cost of the contract equals what I would pay for a tablet, … Continue reading

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