Priscilla Barnes aka Nurse Terri Alden

priscilla barnes it's for dad blog female of the day

It’s For Dad Female of the Day: Priscilla Barnes

Do you remember that old sitcom Three’s Company with Jack Tripper and his two female roommates.  One was a brunette and the cute blond one that came late into the series’ run?  That’s Priscilla Barnes that played as nurse Terri Alden.

Still can’t remember her?  Maybe the picture below with her familiar pose during the intro.  Ah…you remember her now 🙂

priscilla barnes three's companySomething most people didn’t know was she also posed in Penthouse magazine (is that magazine still around?) under the name Joanne Witty.  I can’t obviously post those pics here, so you’ll have to go search her out yourself under that name.

priscilla barnes black white photo it's for dad blog


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