My Glorious Thug Life in GTA San Andreas

grand theft auto thug life

Woke up quick at about noon, just thought that I had to be in Compton soon.  I gotta get drunk before the day begins ‘fore my mother starts bitchin’ about my friends.  About to go and damn near went blind, young niggas on the path throwin’ up gang signs.  Went in the house to get the clip with a mac-10 at the side a’ my hip.  I bailed outside and I pointed my weapon an’ just as I thought the fools kept steppin’.  Jumped in the fo’, hit the juice on my ride.  I got front and back, side to side.

Ah, the immortal words of Eric Lynn Wright, or better known as Eazy-E.  There is no way for me to silently read the previous paragraph without reading it in Eazy-E’s scratchy high pitched voice.  It’s so engrained into our heads for those that grew up during that time and heard those songs.  Those songs sound so good right now, compared to many of the crap they play on the radio these days.  I’m feeling pretty thuggish gangsta yo!  If you’re wondering what’s going on, it’s because I’ve been playing the videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

It’s very surprising that I never played this game for more than 30 minutes before.  I just never got around to playing it.  As crazy as that sounds, it’s surprising as I’m a pretty avid gamer.  My brother had this game and I remember he would see me everyday and talk about this game non-stop.  I think I was into other things at that time or considered myself a pc gamer back then since the game was Playstation 2 only, I probably never bother to spend a long time on it.

I picked up the game on Steam’s daily sales for a few dollars, $3 something if I remember correctly.  As old as this game is, it’s still very enjoyable so far.  I haven’t gotten very far, as I’ve only played maybe an hour or so.  I was fumbling with the gamepad mapping, as I’ve hooked the Xbox 360 controller to my pc, but eventually gave up and just used keyboard and mouse.

Seeing how Rockstar Games did an excellent job of recreating the feel and nuances of South Central LA, I felt like I was brought back in time and dropped off in that area.  I’ve been to some of those rough areas back then, riding in my friend’s car and having him give me pointers on what to do and not do.  Sheesh, are you serious man?  If some “ho” strawberry crackhead came up to us, I was suppose to stay quiet, not get her angry and just let him do the talking, and most importantly to not look scared.  I was nervous and scared shitless most of the time as I was still a little teen back then.  Ah, the fond memories, LOL.

So far, all I’ve done in the game is eat ghetto food and eat more food, which in the lower income areas in real life is just fried food and fast foods, and it’s everywhere, on every corner and along the main streets.  I’m been smacking the prostitutes and taking their money.  Running up on suckas and punking them, and hopefully they got some paper (money) on them.  Tagging up walls, and over writing my rival gang’s graffiti, and spraying their eyes with my green spray paint.  It’s too comical really.

I’ve stopped at the point where we try to visit Big Bear and he’s some dude’s crack slave.  It brings back memories of watching the movie “Boyz in the Hood”, where the two main character as kids are walking and a crackhead runs up to them and ask “You got some blow?  You got some rock?  I’ll suck your dick!”  Then the crackhead gets capped on.  I totally forgot how bad the crack problem was back then.

You hear the phrase: Art imitates life.  Some people consider videogames as a form of art, and GTA San Andreas is a great example of that.  To be able to take me back to that era is pretty amazing and must be commended, even if the overall tone and portrayal is negative.  In the end, that’s why it is a videogame and played virtually.  Just imagine if this game is replayed by someone 100 years from now.  What would they be thinking?


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