Damn It’s Hot Outside !!!

costco misting system to stay cool

Summer is here and it’s HOT!  But it’s Summer and you should be outside enjoying the weather, not sitting in the house.  But it’s HOT!  Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your porch or patio.  Cool the surrounding air with some water through a misting system.  In fact, take it anywhere with you that has a water hose you can attach it to.  In other words, it’s portable.

I saw this at my local Costco and I’m sure you can find these at most hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes.  If you watch any outdoor summer sporting event, I’m sure you’ve seen the misting systems they have in place to cool the players off.  One sport comes to mind, and it’s MLB baseball.  The players sitting there in the dugout with the mist spraying and the fan blowing it around.  Looks like they are going to get wet with the amount of mist that seems to be flowing around.  Actually, it quickly evaporates and with the quick evaporation cools the ambient air around them.  The players stay dry and cooler.  Of course sticking your face right there at the mist hole will get you damp, actually it might feel good if you are in an area where it reaches 100+ degrees!

Product description from Costco

The totally portable Keepin’ Cool 6 outdoor mist system provides a cool environment from the heat wherever you need it.

The pre-assembled Keepin’ Cool 6 system attaches securely to your patio fascia and provides 10 feet of mist to cool the ambient temperature by up to 30°F.

Perfect for umbrellas, fences, patios, garages, pet kennels or pet areas and chairs.

This system cannot be used in conjunction with a Booster Pump. It is designed to be used with Standard Household water pressure (60-80psi) ONLY!


  • Made with an 1/8″ Polyethylene hose, making the system lightweight and portable
  • 10 feet of Mist Line
  • 10 feet of Supply Line
  • 6 MicroMist Technology Nozzles
  • 6 Plastic Nozzle Fittings (preassembled to the mist line with 2′ spacing)
  • 7 Clips for Mounting the system

It’s perfect for Dad to lounge outside, enjoying his hard ice-tea and watch the day drift by.  It’s just $19.99.  Pretty good deal to stay cool.

Costco.com outdoor misting system


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